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Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer


This is probably one of the simpler (re)redesigns, being mostly a few of quality of life fixes meant to make his main mechanics a bit smoother to work with.


I'm still pretty happy with Ezreal's previous redesign, as it both pushes elements that are central to his identity (shooting lots of little skillshots and blinking all over the place) and gives him a more unique, thematically driven niche in the roster as a magical dude who is very good at zipping around and exploring the map.


Ezreal's manipulation of his unique resource used to be fairly all-in, leaving him with little else to do once he chose which ability to boost with it. Now, his mana sustain option (Essence Flux) is the only skill that expends everything, with Mystic Shot becoming a low-cost poke option, and Trueshot Barrage expending slightly more than it while still being reliant on Ezreal's positioning. 


Some of these changes also bring back some familiar elements from Ezreal's current kit, such as adding the on-hit effect and cooldown reduction elements back to Mystic Shot. Actually...that's pretty much it!


But, as mentioned before, Ezreal is still League's resident flashy, magical teen who blinks around and throws skillshots at you, and his reliance on snappy and reactive positioning should still enable players to show their opponents a true display of skill. 

All values in blue are meant to give a general idea of the ability's properties, and are subject to change.

Class: Burst

Recommended Positions: Solo Midlane

Complexity: Low

Innate: Rising Spell Force

For every 200 units Ezreal moves, his gauntlet stores 1 charge of Rising Spell Force, up to 10. Charges are expended by Ezreal's other abilities.

Q: Mystic Shot

Ezreal fires a pulse of energy in the target direction, dealing 80/130/180/230/280 + (70% AP) magic damage to the first target it hits and applying on-hit effects. Mystic Shot will expend up to 3 charges of Rising Spell Force, increasing its damage by 10% per charge.

If Mystic Shot expends 3 charges of Rising Spell Force, its cooldown is reduced to 2.5/2.25/2/1.75/1.5 seconds.

Range: 1150

Targeting Type: Skill Shot - Line

Cooldown: 5.5/5.25/5/4.75/4.5

Cost: 28/31/34/37/40 mana

W: Essence Flux 

Ezreal infuses his gauntlet with stray mana, expending all charges of Rising Spell Force to restore 10/20/30/40/50 mana each.

Range: Self

Targeting Type: None 

Cooldown: 7/6/5/4/3 

Cost: None

E: Trueshot Barrage

Ezreal expends up to 5 charges of Rising Spell Force to fire an array of up to 5 bolts of energy at nearby enemies, based on charges expended. Trueshot Barrage's bolts spread evenly among nearby enemies, deal 80/135/190/245/300 + (70/75/80/85/90% AP) magic damage per bolt. 


Non-minions take 25% damage from bolts beyond the first.

Range: 650

Targeting Type: None 

Cooldown: 12 

Cost: 90 mana

R: Arcane Shift


Ezreal uses his gauntlet's power to shift into a wave of arcane energy that travels to the target location, dealing 250/400/550 + (70% AP) magic damage to enemies he passes through, increased by 5% for every 100 units he travels (up to 200% bonus damage).

Arcane Shift cannot be canceled until Ezreal reaches his destination, dies, or runs out of mana. Ezreal suffers 50% reduced damage while traveling. 

Range: 5500

Targeting Type: Skill Shot - Line

Cooldown: 5/4/3 

Cost: 100 mana per 300 units traveled

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