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RPG Hero Workshop

(November 2018 - Present)


A regularly-updated RPG class and encounter design showcase, made in RPG Maker MV and hosted on Put together a team of heroes, form your strategy, and take on a variety of enemy squads in turn-based combat!

The RPG Hero Workshop will be updated in between other projects, in batches composed of 4 playable classes, 1 basic enemy encounter, 1 miniboss encounter, and 1 boss encounter. Art assets are currently works in progress, but the game itself is fully playable and can be found here.

Guardian Lion.png

Grub Assault 

(January 2016 - February 2016)


A single-player, real-time RPG made with the StarCraft 2 engine. The player controls a single Grub that can evolve into a variety of specialized and hybridized forms by consuming the fauna around them, and use that newfound power to help waves of AI-controlled allies push through layers of enemy fortifications. The development blog can be found here. 

This game has currently reached its initial release and is now free to play on the StarCraft 2 Arcade! (Arcade Link : battlenet://starcraft/map/1/271369)

(This is an independent project, but all in-game audio and visual assets belong to Blizzard Entertainment)

Split Second

(August 2015 - October 2015)


A simple-but-challenging platformer that requires players to master each level, through an impossible time limit and time-stopping zones that can be created at the cost of sending the player back to the beginning.

This game represents the combined work of me and several other artists. My personal responsibilities included collaborating on major game aspects, such as level design, mechanics, and asset textures, as well as handling smaller aspects, such as logo/typography, animation storyboarding, and Scrum management. 

My colleagues on this project are:

Slater Ferrell- environment and character assets, UI, UE4 blueprinting

Megan Higgs - animation

(November 2012  - December 2013)


Prototypes of proposed champion gameplay redesigns, implemented in the StarCraft II Galaxy Editor.

(All splash art featured on these pages is property of Riot Games)

Redesign Prototype Showcase

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