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Morgana, the Fallen


Along with her estranged sister, Morgana has recently been updated - but, being such a staple, these changes were largely visual, as she had one of the oldest character models in the game. It's easy to see why little was changed: with her individual skills providing ample counterplay to offset their ample power, she was both a healthy fixture in the roster and a satisfying support pick.

With my initial redesign, the main issues I wanted to address were her kit's thematic vagueness, her unclear strategic niche (with other supports fulfilling similar lockdown roles), and her overall lack of tension with Kayle. I'm still happy with the general direction of that redesign, so this iteration mostly serves to touch it up and update it to mirror Kayle's new redesign


Morgana remains a gloomy martyr who has bound herself to the suffering of mortals, with this update mostly cleaning up some interactions in her kit, and wrapping up her functions a bit more neatly to give her a more defined niche. 

To match her sister, she now also has three pairs of seraphic wings - but rather than building them up throughout the fight to soar around the battlefield, Morgana sacrifices them over the course of the battle to protect herself and her allies. Keeping in line with her pain-seeking playstyle, her new Q now both rewards her for taking the heat, and allows her to give herself some space once she's burnt out. 


This new Morgana is still more about chaining herself to her allies than to her enemies, but the more protective elements of her previous kit remain, as she is still able to ward off crowd control effects and buffer against larger bursts of damage. 

She has also received a hand-me-down from her sister in the form of an invulnerability-granting ult, although now it plays even more into Morgana's self-sacrificial tendencies. Though it is handy at helping Morgana more efficiently redistribute damage and cycle through her abilities, she can also use it in a pinch to protect herself from all the extra damage she burdens herself with.

All values in blue are meant to give a general idea of the ability's properties, and are subject to change.

Class: Warden

Recommended Positions: Duo Sidelane (Support)

Complexity: Low

Innate: Fall From Grace

Morgana shields herself with 3 pairs of wings, which reduce all incoming damage by 12 to 45 (based on level) while active. Whenever a pair of wings absorbs (8% max HP) damage, they will burn away, and the remaining cooldowns of Morgana's other abilities are reduced by 3 seconds. Wings that burn away will be replaced by the next pair after 2 seconds.

After not receiving direct damage for 6 seconds, Morgana will regenerate her wings one pair at a time every 3 seconds. 

Q: Eternal Grief

Morgana lets out an anguished scream in the target direction, dealing 40/55/70/85/100 + (40% AP) magic damage to enemies in a cone and knocking them 350 units away.

Eternal Grief charges up as Morgana takes damage, becoming fully charged after she suffers 108 to 405 (based on level) pre-mitigation damage, until she uses it or leaves combat. While fully charged, its damage, range, and knockback distance are increased by 100%. 

Range: 350 (range), 90° (angle) 

Targeting Type: Skill Shot - Cone

Cooldown: 12

Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana

W: Shroud of Darkness

Morgana covers an allied champion with with a protective shroud for 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds, which heals the target for 25/50/75/100/125 + (40% AP) each time they take damage (reduced by 50% when triggered by non-champions).

Shrouded allies are immune to crowd control effects, but incoming crowd control reduces its remaining duration by 0.5 seconds.

Range: 750

Targeting Type: Targeted 

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9

Cost: 50 mana

E: Soul Shackles

Morgana shackles herself to nearby allies, redirecting 30/35/40/45/50% of the damage they take to herself for up to 6 seconds or upon re-activation. Ally champions will break these chains if they move beyond 800 units away.

Range: 650

Targeting Type: None 

Cooldown: 15

Cost: 80 mana

R: Black Aegis

PASSIVE: Regenerating a pair of wings with Fall From Grace restores 6/9/12% of Morgana's missing health.

ACTIVE: Morgana protects an allied champion or herself with a pitch-black shield, rendering them invulnerable for 1/1.25/2 seconds before granting them 50% damage reduction for a further 1/1.25/2 seconds.


Damage mitigated by Black Aegis is applied to Morgana as non-fatal true damage over 9 seconds.

Range: 900

Targeting Type: Targeted

Cooldown: 90/75/60

Cost: 100/75/50 mana

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