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Systems Bites

A platter of bite-sized design documents featuring a single system and a taste of the features surrounding them

1,001 Capers

(November 2017 - January 2018)

A design mock-up for a turn-based combat system, tailor-made for the genuine Heist RPG experience. 

Features full documentation of the combat system itself, as well as a more open-ended overview of the Overworld that supports this unique take on the genre.

I'll be adding some supplementary illustrations in the near future (such as character art for the full cast of Thieves and enemies), but my current RPG Maker projects will be taking priority in the meantime.

Click here to view the full PDF.

Beyond the Mildlands

(January 2018 - February 2018)

A design mock-up for a Survival/Adventure game where mouth-watering meals take center stage.

Features full documentation of the cooking system, and outlines of the systems and mechanics that support it.

The documentation itself is completely finished, and I'll be adding an illustration at a later date to showcase some of the UI and capture the game's overall tone.

Click here to view the full PDF.

Random Encounters

An assortment of enemy encounters for existing or original games, complete with breakdowns and supporting systems

The Broken Grotto

(April 2017 - April 2017)

A 5-man dungeon made in the style of those featured in World of Warcraft, utilizing elements of the Warcraft universe and the recent Legion expansion.

Features full illustrations of enemies and bosses, as well as detailed boss breakdowns, the dungeon's map and dynamic ecosystem, solutions to potential problems the dungeon may run into during development, and Murlocs. Lots of Murlocs.

Click here to view the full PDF.

MOBA Stuff

Hero designs and the gameplay kits that make 'em work, tailored to the MOBA genre or any game with Hero-based combat

League of Legends ReDux

A redesign of my older League of Legends Redesign project. The focus here is similar: to ensure that each champion has both a thematically-driven playstyle and unique strategic niche. This time, however, I've gone back and sanded down some rough edges, while taking champions whose original redesigns went off the rails and bringing them closer to Riot's initial concept. 

I'll be adding more redesigns in batches, but in the meantime, there is plenty to look through

(June 2019 - Ongoing)



Hero Workshop

Illustrations and MOBA-style gameplay kits for original characters generated from simple prompts

(April 2015 - February 2016)


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