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Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain


With the majority of these redesigns, one of the underlying guidelines is to stay tethered to some defining part of Riot's original vision for the character. Ornn, however, is one of the few cases where I can't help but challenge this vision and confront it head-on. 


With the role of a blacksmith considered by those on his design team to be a supporting one, Ornn's "blacksmith fantasy" was relegated to the ability to passively buy items while out in the field. But to me, a blacksmith - no, a God of Blacksmithing - should be making things. Being a fan of profession-driven kits, I have no choice but to roll up my sleeves and get to work.  


The main point of contention that resulted in the champion with the working title "Living Forge" to be more concerned with knocking heads than blacksmithing was the need for him to fill a top-lane role. Thankfully, with Ornn's identity being a hermetic mountain deity who'd rather sit and craft things in peaceful solitude than mess around with "teamfights" or "objectives," this isn't much of a problem.

Aloof but protective, hard-headed but soft-hearted - these elements of Ornn are now represented through gameplay. He's a grizzled steelworker who can hold his ground and isn't afraid to lock horns with those who would interrupt his work, but this "work" involves crafting nifty little pieces of equipment for the autonomous minions that toddle through his volcanic domain.  


These changes make Ornn more of a lane-fortifying, tower-busting fixture of the map than a stout powerhouse who roams with his allies and initiates teamfights, but he's still tough as nails and can hold his own with his iconic "Brittle" mechanic (which has also been expanded upon). 

Bellow's Breath is the only ability that has been kept wholesale - that said, the guy still packs a mean headbutt, and while he's no longer summoning lava rams, he still has a way of bringing the power of the volcano into whatever match he's in. For those who miss his cool (but thematically mismatched)

terrain-based gameplay, look no further than the Malphite redesign. 

All values in blue are meant to give a general idea of the ability's properties, and are subject to change.

Class: Warden

Recommended Positions: Solo Sidelane

Complexity: Medium

Innate: Living Forge

Ornn's first basic attack or Searing Charge against a Brittle enemy shatters their equipment, knocking them 250 units back. Ornn will collect the shattered equipment as a shield that absorbs (60% armor) + (60% MR) damage, which can accumulate up to 300% of the initial amount. Shattering a champion's equipment immediately grants the maximum shield.

Ornn can additionally purchase non-consumable items from anywhere on the field by forging them for himself, and is also presented a Forge Menu with his recommended items to select to be forged. Forging takes 4 seconds and the process is interrupted if Ornn enters combat, preventing Ornn from forging for 4 seconds.

Q: Bellows Breath

Ornn marches unstoppably in the target direction with 35% reduced movement speed for 0.75 seconds. Over the march, he belches fire in a cone in front of him, dealing physical damage to enemies within it equal to 2.4/2.6/2.8/3/3.2% of their maximum health every 0.15 seconds. The final gout of flame will make enemies Brittle for 3 seconds.

Bellows Breath will deal at least 16/26/36/46/56 damage, which is also the damage dealt to minions. Monsters take 31/36/41/46/51 damage instead.

Range: 550 (range), 175 (effect radius)

Targeting Type: Skill Shot - Line

Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10

Cost: 45/50/55/60/65 mana

W: Blacksmith's Benediction

PASSIVE: Ornn's next basic attack every 8 seconds becomes superheated, making its target Brittle for 3 seconds. Additionally, damaging a Brittle enemy deals physical damage equal to 10/12/14/16/18% of their maximum health.

ACTIVE: Ornn places a Volcanic Armory at the target location with 150/250/350/450/550 health and (60% armor) + (60% MR) shield. While Ornn is protected by Living Forge's shield, he can attack an Armory to convert his shield to it (up to 300% of its initial shield). Ally minions that pass by the Armory will consume 5% of its maximum shield to become empowered based on their type.

Melee minions are shielded for 80/115/150/180/220 + (60% armor) + (60% MR)

Ranged minions deal 25/40/55/70/85 + (20% armor) + (20% MR) bonus physical damage to non-turrets.

Siege minions gain 200/300/400/500/600 increased range and deal 50/80/21/24/27 +

(40% armor) + (40% MR) bonus physical damage to turrets.

Placing a new Volcanic Armory will destroy the previous one. Blacksmith's Benediction can be cast on an existing Armory to empower it over a 4 second channel, causing the next wave of minions that pass through it to gain 200% of the usual shield and damage bonuses at 200% of the cost. 

Range: 250

Targeting Type: Skill Shot - Placement 

Cooldown: 35/30/25/20/15

Cost: 60 mana

E: Searing Charge

Ornn winds up for 0.75 seconds and headbutts in the target direction, stopping at the first enemy hit and dealing 80/125/170/215/260 + (40% bonus armor) + (40% bonus MR) physical damage, increased by 50% of Living Forge's remaining shield.


Headbutting a turret deals 10/11/12/13/14% of its health as bonus physical damage, and headbutting a Brittle enemy knocks them back 300% further and stuns them for 1.75 seconds.

Range: 550

Targeting Type: Skill Shot - Line 

Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 

Cost: 35/40/45/50/55 mana

R: Call of the Forge God

Ornn channels for 2.5 seconds, then pounds the target ally tower with his hammer, turning the area around it into Forge God's Domain over 18 seconds. Call of the Forge God can also be used on the ruins of both ally and enemy turrets, and Forge God's Domain will not extend into the jungle or river.

Enemies within Forge God's Domain suffer 1.5/2.25/3% of their maximum health as physical damage every second and become Brittle every 6 seconds.

If Ornn is outside of Forge God's Domain for 4 seconds, it will begin to retract over up to 36 seconds, stopping once Ornn is back within it. Call of the Forge God cools down twice as quickly once all Forge God's Domain no longer remains.

Range: 300 (initial effect radius), 1500/1875/2250 (maximum effect radius)

Targeting Type: Targeted

Cooldown: 140/120/100

Cost: 100 mana

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